Water Hydrant Service



Artesian partners with public water and wastewater utilities by
providing operational and management services. This allows our client
to focus resources on other management responsibilities such as economic
and community development. Artesian's goal is to enhance your system
and increase revenue by reducing operational expenses
while insuring enviromental compliance and exceptional service.


Does your community need a public-private partnership with Artesian Utilities Systems Management?

  1. Are your rates higher than those in neighboring communities?
  2. Is your community considering rate increases?
  3. Do you want to control the future costs of providing water and wastewater services?
  4. Have you recently been cited for non-compliance with any environmental regulations?
  5. Do you foresee having problems meeting new regulatory standards?
  6. Have water customers complained about taste, odor, or appearance?
  7. Do you have high employee turnover?
  8. Is your safety performance lower than the industry average?
  9. Is your treatment plant or collection and distribution system in need of capital improvements?
  10. Does your utility receive subsidies from general revenues?
  11. Could limited system capacity stall growth?
  12. Is your billing collection rate worse than the industry average?
  13. Could updated automation and control systems improve your operations?
  14. Are you unable to get budget authorization for needed operational improvements?
  15. Are you concerned that your staff may not be able to make the necessary improvements to your system?

If you answered yes to just one question, your community needs the benefits of a public-private partnership. Your community needs Artesian Utilities Systems Management.


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