Water Hydrant Service




What’s the benefit for a community entering into a public-private water partnership with Artesian Utilities Systems Management? Direct solutions.

We work to manage and lower the costs necessary to rehab, repair, expand and run water and wastewater systems while raising the quality of service your customers receive. We provide equipment and technology needed to operate efficiently. As water experts, our understanding and buying power instantly reduces and helps stabilize the cost of treating one gallon of water or wastewater. After all it’s the community’s water system; all Artesian Utilities Systems Management does is help it run more efficiently and effectively. In order to provide the utmost in service, we customize our water partnerships for each municipality. By customizing our services and increasing the public partner’s maneuverability, we provide the community the flexibility to react to new needs. Artesian Utilities Systems Management stays up-to-date with the constantly changing regulations and standards required for environmental compliance. We offer solutions, allowing the community to focus its efforts on more important activities.



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